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Short term car insurance for four days  is now easily available, and about time too.

It seems fair and reasonable that, as a licensed driver, a motorist should be able to borrow and insure a friend’s or family member’s car without giving it a second thought. It should be possible to chauffeur your grandparents in their own car. On a long road trip, all the licensed drivers should be able to take turns. Having one person do all the driving is unsafe. It’s too easy to get tired and lose focus. It should be possible to borrow a friend’s car to get to work while yours is being fixed.

It should be possible to do all of this without losing insurance cover or taking on extra costs. Unfortunately, it’s not, with a conventional yearly policy  - and this is where short term insurance comes in.

Because car or van insurance only covers the person or people specifically listed on the policy as drivers, if an accident happens while someone different is at the wheel, there’s no protection from car accident costs: repairs, replacement, or even liability. Because of the limitations of most car insurance policies, doing common-sense things becomes high risk for no good reason. It’s not logical and it’s not fair, but ignoring it can cost the owners their cars, and the uninsured drivers their licences.

That’s why a few underwriters have made these reasonably priced, short term car insurance policies available on the web. These policies will provide a patch right in the spot where your standard car insurance is embarrassingly thread-bare. They are valid for between one and 28 days, and you can buy one online in just a few minutes at any time of the day or night, any day of the year. The process of setting up a policy is quick and easy, and you'll be sent a confirmation e-mail as soon as you’re done.

These policies are available to drivers from 18 to 75 years old, licensed in the U.K. or elsewhere in the E.U. There are a number of policy options available, including third party, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive cover. You can add on roadside assistance. Some of the policies can cover drivers with provisional licences, and cover for driving on the continent is available as well. You can also choose to cover multiple drivers. The car in question must be owned by the driver or borrowed, not hired.

There’s no need to take unnecessary risks when it’s this easy and inexpensive to buy a short term car insurance policy. There are so many occasions when you might need to take advantage of four day car insurance you’ll probably want to bookmark this page.

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